About Us

EST. 2010. Created by Actor/Comedian Kenan Thompson and Executive Producer Cherie Chiles-Buchanan who teamed up to help talented individuals reach their dreams.

Upcoming Comedy Shows

Our stand-up comedy showcases and Young Stars Talent Shows is heading to 35+ major cities around the country. Check out our upcoming events calendar to see a show and help us judge in-person.


Ready to make ’em laugh? Join Kenan Thompson’s Live Performance Showcase! Don’t miss your chance to showcase your talent and leave the crowd in stitches.


Are you interested in being a part of the largest nationwide comedian and Young Stars talent search?

About YOUR branding opportunities:

  • Over 1,000 comedians all across America, talking about this shows.
  • Hundreds of Young Stars, their families and friends talking about the shows.
  • Shows are recorded and dispersed to all the contestants social media platforms.
  • 90+ sold out shows with up to 27,000 people in the audiences.
  • Major radio and TV networks will be doing interviews to promote the shows.
  • Additionally, we are also in the VR universe and able to reach people all around the globe LIVE in the VR comedy clubs.