This 13th SEASON

Kenan Thompson and his team understand that there are many talented comedians and comedy fans that are unable to attend the LIVE shows around the country. So, Kenan partnered with the premier virtual reality comedy brand Failed To Render to help bridge the gap between the venues and the MetaVerse.

This 13th season we will embark into the virtual realty world, using Failed To Render’s multiple comedy clubs within the digital realm. Our adventure into this whole new platform is exciting, because we want to discover the funniest comedians in Meta’s Horizon, AltSpaceVR, VRChat & Roblox.

If you are a comedian and have a VR headset, strap it on and join us for a completely unique experience.

For a good Cause


A portion of the proceeds from Kenan Presents’ will be donated to the Cristian Rivera Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to find a cure for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a rare pediatric brain tumor that claims the lives of 200-300 children a year. Come out and support rising comedians while helping a great cause!

Video about Failed to Render


About the VR CONTEST

The Contest


This search is to find the best stand-up comedians in the VR universe to compete for the title “Funniest Comic in VR”

This innovative comedy competition for emerging VR comedians is designed to provide up and coming comics with a platform to present their talents. These comics will showcase their talent the virtual reality platforms for an opportunity of a lifetime – to meet NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” cast member Kenan Thompson and other great prizes.

Log into your VR HEADSET and check out to a show in the digital realm. You can support the most talented stand-up comedians as they go after the opportunity of a lifetime. These VR showcases are a MUST SEE!

Contest Rounds


FIRST ROUND of the VR Contest

  • Each of the 3 major VR platforms (Meta “Horizons”, VRchat, and AltSpaceVR) will have one or more competition round(s).
  • The comedians will perform their best 4-5 min set to prove who‘s ready to take it to the top!
  • The winner will receive a spot in the semi-finals.

SEMI-FINALS of the VR Contest

  • Each of the semi-final contestants will perform their best 4-5 min set. 
  • The winners will receive a spot at the VR finale.

FINALE | New York City Contest

  • The winners from the semi-finals will compete against the other top comedians to win the coveted title “Funniest Comic in VR” and other amazing prizes from Kenan Thompson.

The Prizes


First Round | winners will receive:

  • 1st Place
    • Spot in the semi-finals
    • Cash and other prizes
  • 2nd Place
    • Spot in the semi-finals
    • Cash and other prizes
  • 3rd Place
    • Stand-by spot in the semi-finals

Semi-Finals | winners will receive:

  • 1st Place
    • Spot in the Finale
    • Show your skills in front of network executives in NYC.
    • Cash and other prizes
  • 2nd Place
    • Stand-by spot in the Finale
    • Cash and other prizes

Finale In NYC | National contest winner will receive:

  • 1st Place
    • Receive the title “Funniest Comic in VR”
    • Video Audition for NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”
    • Cash and other amazing prizes
  • 2nd Place
    • Receive the title “Funniest Comic in VR Runner-Up”
    • Cash and other amazing prizes
  • 3rd-10th Place
    • Receive the title “Funniest Comic in America Finalist”

Contest Details

This contest is for both all ages. Choose to compete as a Young Star or an adult

Free for comedians to enter the competition

Comics have 4-5 minutes of stage time to win over the VR audience.

About the VR SHOWS

Our contest will be held in all major VR platforms

We have chosen the best VR comedy club brand "FAILED TO RENDER" to work with

All of these events will have have tickets for sale and full house of audience members

How to win in VR

Impress the Judges in the live VR audience

Be the funniest comedian on the show, because the LIVE VR audience will be voting at the end of each show

Another chance to win is have a comedy routine that the online voters choose as the funniest comic in VR

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